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The Old Gang Revamped by Willheimus
The Old Gang Revamped
This is a depiction of the original roleplay gang I had with The Dark King back in the day, now he's done roleplaying and I do my own thing most of the time.  He's arrived back from his mission and we hang out on occasion, but its not the old hang out in my back yard and fight Badrang thing.  My lifes just totally different, and so is his, don't even get me started on Rose.  The difference here is I darkened it, made my armor look more original, no Guild Wars breastplate or DnD Boots.  I also added in my new sword, Veorthang.  It looks similar to Valermos, but you can tell its not exact so its an independent sword for an independent story.  So the only one in this sword not original is Rose, who belongs to Brian Jacques.  Heres the original pic…
Pirras Manor by Willheimus
Pirras Manor
A Muspelheim house design I created off some images from the internet.  You have some Lord of the Rings in there too.  Man I wish this was real.
Siresse Colored by Willheimus
Siresse Colored
A colored version of my drawing of Siresse… I should apologize though, I'm worried coloring it ruined the quality of the picture.  Who Siresse is is actually quite shocking.  She is the Deltan Volcano Spirit reincarnation of Rose herself, and Vellok is actually an alter ego of mine formed from the same fire Siresse was formed in.  Siresse will be featured in some form of writing eventually, but I need to explain that she is a reborn version of Rose at an unknown point in time, sent back in time to be recreated by two lava elementals, who became her parents, one taking on the personality of a female, and the other choosing to be male.  Siresse and my alter ego, Vellok were formed in a smokeless fire by two couples from Delta's Plane of Fire.  A set of fire elementals made Vellok, who would eventually merge with me, to help me on my quests through fictional realities.  There is no doubt the fallen angels that inhabit Delta are the deceivers who lead Vellok and Siresse to believe they were Gods over the humans of Chutek.  But though these evil spirits intended for their deities to fail and lead astray an entire civilization, the pair of Vellok and Siresse were the ringleaders in preserving morality in Chuteki culture.  Because of this, 86-7% of the entire Chuteki civilization was saved.  Siresse went on to become a symbol of Delta's Culture, after Christians seeking religious freedom merged with Chutek, becoming the country of Reco, and abolishing the old religion of 7 Gods.  The Doctor was very happy with this, he didn't want to be worshiped, and Siresse readily handed over the reigns to Christ, believing he could do a better job for her people.  Siresse now understands her purpose as Volcano Spirit, and reincarnation of Rose.  And no, Mormons don't believe in reincarnation, this only exists in fiction.  When she was reborn, she became a very different lava based character named Vivi, Vivi went back in time to rule Delta's Volcanoes.  Eventually she was killed in battle with Phenex, the Marquis of Hell from Earth.  Phenex did not unmake Vivi, but allowed Vivi to be remade into Siresse.  Where Phenex fits in to the story of Vivi/Siresse is as the main rival to my and Rose's story.  Now since I do not own the rights to Rose, but in my own special mind still love her, I figured this would be a fair compromise, since I do own the rights to Siresse, and I don't think its illegal to just create a new character and use her in my writing.  I really hope I'm right about that.  Siresse is going to be the leading lady in at least one of my professional works.  Hey, I need to make money somehow, and Rose is Brians character, I needed to branch out from writing fanfics, but will still write fanfics.
Siresse by Willheimus
What if we could visit other planets similar to earth and learn about the cultures they have there.  This is a portrait of one of the mythological figures of another world?  Siresse is an alien volcano spirit once worshiped as a goddess in ancient times during the time when Egypt was at large.  Like the people of Egypt, to Siresses culture, anthropomorphic animals were the deities along with some human like deities, only there were only seven people considered deities.  Could there have been other furries, yes, there were, and they were servants to the ones considered gods.  Siresse was considered Goddess of Volcanoes, Lava, The Hearth, as well as Love and Sex.  She is however an unlikely one because she is noted for her bad vision, nerdyness, patience, and love of chastity.  In fact her culture was generally a very chaste one, they waited til marriage to have any sex at all, and she was no exception, being in the beginning completely uninterested in fornication, and after being married to Vellok the Lord of Fire, who took the form of a melanistic fox with little bits of red dyed in the fur, she knew him and swore in her wrath she would never know or marry another man.  Unlike Pele, her legend takes place in the Jungle where Mexico and the Aztec ruins would be, but she was still considered a lava goddess.  And her contrast with Aphrodite and other Earth love deities would cause her to come in conflict with some if she were to ever visit earth.  She isn't very grumpy, and is genuinely very friendly, and loving, though she is insecure unlike most mythology figures.  She wouldn't sit on her high throne in her red pyramid, she would go out and talk to the people of her culture, and make friends.  The people were called Chutek, or Chuteki, which was odd because their Chaos Deity, Loktec had a son named Chutec, along with his wife, Virah.  Other deities included The Dark One, ruler of the dead, and Nisiri, Lady of the Night, and a roaming lord of time who traveled in his house, which was the color of the sea, and bigger inside than out.  This man was named the warrior, though he hated war, and appeared mainly as a spikey haired man wearing blue with strange shoes and a long brown coat, or a swirly haired weird person with a strange red necklace with a tan coat having almost no eyebrows.  On this planet the word for warrior was doctor, just in case my description didn't give it away.  Siresse is by far my favorite so far, and she is a source of encouragement for nerdy girls.  After the civilization changed and the old religion was done away, Siresse happily though sorrowfully and nervously retired from being their deity, and simply called herself the Volcano Spirit.  In the modern age she is Queen of all Delta's Volcanoes, which is the planets name.  She rules them fairly but doesn't rule very much of the humans on that world.  She is a guide and a friend, betrayed quite often, but loved more, as well as respected.  She is among the most popular of Delta's cultural figures, and is genuinely nice to everyone unless they hurt or scare her, which is where she will dish out the sass in degrees until or unless she finally erupts and her wrath is unleashed.  She dislikes perverts, and doesn't put up with sexual harassment, that is one thing you need to remember about her.  She has accepted her role as a spirit or guardian, and wishes for elements of her old life to spill into her new one in a good way, as she no longer wants to be called goddess.  When she comes to earth, she expects to be treated like a person, not bullied, harassed, or violated, and will throw lava balls if this is not given her.  She can shapeshift, as well as become lava itself, and is a lot more powerful than she liked to let on.  She likes to surround herself with objects reminiscent of Chutek and her past, and just loves to be around cats, because they were a symbol of power for her people.  If anything, she would be your friend unless you pushed her too far.
The Old Gang by Willheimus
The Old Gang
This is a depiction of the original roleplay gang I had with The Dark King back in the day, only this would be us now.  TDK is currently on his mission, leaving Nyx to run things for him.  You will recognize me in my new look, a revamped version of the last one, looking Firelordy as ever.  On the far left is Rose in an entirely new outfit, symbolizing our time together, and things which might need explaining.  I made a brand new outfit for The Dark King, a somewhat medieval leather robe with armor underneath, the crown is based on a drawing of Morgoth I found here on DA, and added with a somewhat Necromancer look to it.  I couldn't proportion the height very well so I decided to have them standing on some large steps since Rose is shorter than both me and TDK.  TDK will be back from his mission for my Birthday, so I'm looking forward to that, and he will be the last of the original Titans to return.  Rose is the only fictional character counted among the original Titans, and is in fact one of the first three, so thats a little snippet of my early life for ya.
Merry Christmas everyone, its been a good season.  I have yet to see the Doctor Who Christmas Special, but I hope its good.  anyways, to all my followers, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and hope New Years is also great.  I'm hoping to get more on the Call of Ragnarok done soon, but I might not be uploading it because of plot twists, and my plans to publish it, so I hope you enjoy the preview you've had.  Merry Christmas all, and to all a good night.
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Will Pirras
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A fanfiction and fantasy artist who draws about his many daydreams rolplays, and vast intertwining stories. Is also writing a Redwall Fanfiction novel about a squirrel named Zego the Scar, who saves some of the fans favorite Martin the Warrior Characters. Note: Alot of the drawings have something to do with this if not directly related to the book or series.

~Thanks to Luciuscaudill for providing the base pic that just so happened to look like my face...I made it look more like how I draw myself as Willheimus.

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