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Siresse by Willheimus
What if we could visit other planets similar to earth and learn about the cultures they have there.  This is a portrait of one of the mythological figures of another world.  Siresse is an alien volcano spirit once worshiped as a goddess in ancient times during the time when Egypt was at large.  Like the people of Egypt, to Siresses culture, anthropomorphic animals were the deities along with some human like deities, only there were only seven people considered deities.  Could there have been other furries, yes, there were, and they were servants to the ones considered gods.  Siresse was considered Goddess of Volcanoes, Lava, The Hearth, as well as Love and Sex.  She is however an unlikely one because she is noted for her bad vision, nerdyness, patience, and love of chastity.  In fact her culture was generally a very chaste one, they waited til marriage to have any sex at all, and she was no exception, being in the beginning completely uninterested in fornication, and after being married to Vellok the Lord of Fire, who took the form of a melanistic fox with little bits of red dyed in the fur, she knew him and swore in her wrath she would never know or marry another man.  Unlike Pele, her legend takes place in the Jungle where Mexico and the Aztec ruins would be, but she was still considered a lava goddess.  And her contrast with Aphrodite and other Earth love deities would cause her to come in conflict with some if she were to ever visit earth.  She isn't very grumpy, and is genuinely very friendly, and loving, though she is insecure unlike most mythology figures.  She wouldn't sit on her high throne in her red pyramid, she would go out and talk to the people of her culture, and make friends.  The people were called Chutek, or Chuteki, which was odd because their Chaos Deity, Loktec had a son named Chutec, along with his wife, Virah.  Other deities included The Dark One, ruler of the dead, and Nisiri, Lady of the Night, and a roaming lord of time who traveled in his house, which was the color of the sea, and bigger inside than out.  This man was named the warrior, though he hated war, and appeared mainly as a spikey haired man wearing blue with strange shoes and a long brown coat, or a swirly haired weird person with a strange red necklace with a tan coat having almost no eyebrows.  On this planet the word for warrior was doctor, just in case my description didn't give it away.  Siresse is by far my favorite so far, and she is a source of encouragement for nerdy girls.  After the civilization changed and the old religion was done away, Siresse happily though sorrowfully and nervously retired from being their deity, and simply called herself the Volcano Spirit.  In the modern age she is Queen of all Delta's Volcanoes, which is the planets name.  She rules them fairly but doesn't rule very much of the humans on that world.  She is a guide and a friend, betrayed quite often, but loved more, as well as respected.  She is among the most popular of Delta's cultural figures, and is genuinely nice to everyone unless they hurt or scare her, which is where she will dish out the sass in degrees until or unless she finally erupts and her wrath is unleashed.  She dislikes perverts, and doesn't put up with sexual harassment, that is one thing you need to remember about her.  She has accepted her role as a spirit or guardian, and wishes for elements of her old life to spill into her new one in a good way, as she no longer wants to be called goddess.  When she comes to earth, she expects to be treated like a person, not bullied, harassed, or violated, and will throw lava balls if this is not given her.  She can shapeshift, as well as become lava itself, and is a lot more powerful than she liked to let on.  She likes to surround herself with objects reminiscent of Chutek and her past, and just loves to be around cats, because they were a symbol of power for her people.  If anything, she would be your friend unless you pushed her too far.
The Old Gang by Willheimus
The Old Gang
This is a depiction of the original roleplay gang I had with The Dark King back in the day, only this would be us now.  TDK is currently on his mission, leaving Nyx to run things for him.  You will recognize me in my new look, a revamped version of the last one, looking Firelordy as ever.  On the far left is Rose in an entirely new outfit, symbolizing our time together, and things which might need explaining.  I made a brand new outfit for The Dark King, a somewhat medieval leather robe with armor underneath, the crown is based on a drawing of Morgoth I found here on DA, and added with a somewhat Necromancer look to it.  I couldn't proportion the height very well so I decided to have them standing on some large steps since Rose is shorter than both me and TDK.  TDK will be back from his mission for my Birthday, so I'm looking forward to that, and he will be the last of the original Titans to return.  Rose is the only fictional character counted among the original Titans, and is in fact one of the first three, so thats a little snippet of my early life for ya.
Lord Vulpuz by Willheimus
Lord Vulpuz
The esteemed ruler of Hellgates, and most mysterious character in the Redwall series.  This is my version of him, and how he appears in my Lordofarabia collab Into the Inferno, and the upcoming Fallen.  Vulpuz, while ruler of Hellgates can be reasonable, and enjoys haggling for souls in my version, and he is completely happy ruling Hellgates and crushing Vermin rebellions.  In my version he is a large black fox with three tails, and has some orange red in his fur as well.  His relationship with Martin the Warrior is unknown, but they are esteemed equals.  Vulpuz was first mentioned in the Taggerung. 

There was Creation.  All that exists and all that should not is ever present.  It was ruled by the Realitan Deites, the race that forged all things under the loving guidance of The Source.  The Source had absolute power, and was incorruptible in his ways.  They were beings of incomprehensible power, and they took on astral forms in the beginning.  Eventually they would be given solid form, but it began with astral power.  Some could look into time and see what was meant to be seen, others were not given this privilege, but retained their incredible power.  The Realitans made this Creation their training grounds, for they were the subordinate powers to no one save The Source, and for a time all served him.  But at an unknown time the first Lord of Light fell.  He was among the most powerful of the Elemental Lords, but he grew weary of The Sources ways and began to argue for his own to be set in the very fabric of Creation.  He went too far, and drove a schism into the race of Realitans, and they became the Fallen.  His power over light was stripped from him, and he sought fire, but the First Flame was just as unyielding, and retained his powers.  He sought to steal the powers of all Realitans, and challenged all who opposed his design. The Lord of the Fallen was named Antagonath, the Anti-Source, and betrayer of his kin.  He made the Plane of Evil and all things in it in mockery of that which was good.  For this he was banished with his legions to the Outerdark, where they turned on him, and began a never ending cycle of wars and betrayal, both in their realm, and all others.  Antagonath could send his thoughts out of the Outerdark, but his full power in Creation could not be realized without his release.  All his dreams, and that of the Fallen created a rip, and whispers pierced the barrier between the worlds.  A nameless thing formed in the depths, a nothing and an everything.  It screamed and it writhed, but what it was is as unclear to most now as it was to all then.  I speak of the Dreams of the Fallen, their darkest desires and wishes, never to be made manifest.  It betrayed everything it touched, even Antagonath, and the prophecy said it would one day become more powerful after a mighty duel between The Source and Antagonath.  It was the enemy in the beginning when the first of the chosen Realitans were given solid physical form, and was sealed away in the depths.  Some Realitans were chosen to keep their astral forms, and go forth into Creation before their appointed time.  Among these was the first Elemental Lord of Fire, and he was among The Sources loyalist, chosen to safeguard his kin who chose to walk borderline Antagonaths road.  
The Elemental Lords, the Creation Lords, the Guardians, and the Trigons were among the first of them.  But the hearts of some could be corrupted, like all things, especially when no one remembered Antagonaths Primordial War upon being incarnated for the first time.  Corruption came for in the name of retribution, Antagonath reached out from the Outerdark and brought up many terrible servants, some who went willingly and others who he manipulated into fighting for him unknowingly.  But none were as terrible as the Trigons.  The Trigons were the first order of Realitans to fall in physical form, corrupted by their prince, Viboran.  Viboran and his father Khragus were corrupted and declared servants of Antagonath.  Viboran released the Fallen’s Dreams and initiated a war.  In this war he wiped out the Guardians save one who eluded him.  He became the Evil Ones most terrible servant, and showed no mercy upon the newly born Creation.  Khragus began to delve deep, and unlocked forbidden powers for his family, and the Trigons became beings of terrible power, attempting to rival the Primordials.  Khragus and Viboran almost destroyed Creation, but in the most terrible battle, they were sealed away with the Trigons deep within the Plane of Bandaron, where none can escape, only be set free.  Eternity turned uncounted times, and the Realitans became numerous.  The Deites were Realitans in their most invincible forms, and could not be defeated by anything else.  But craving adventure some Realitans took lesser forms, and began to play with what they had made.  They would create names for themselves, faces, lives, and would walk among mortals unnoticed.  These were their avatars, alternate forms they could possess or allow their subconscious to control while they tended to their whims.  Some Realitans craved adventure, but did not want to separate themselves from their identity.  They took on lesser forms, but retained much of their identity, and all of their memory.  These were the Thoughtlords, Realitans who wanted to see what it was like to not have the cosmos at their fingertips, and struggle with enemies.  A Thoughtlord could be anyone, and most Deites had a Thoughtlord form, but not all Thoughtlords had a Deite form.  In youth, every Realitan started out as a Thoughtlord, for everything, even a Deite starts out small.  Creation was endless, and the Realitans and their power seemed endless.  Eventually, Creation grew old, and the Realitan races grew to be the minority of everything around them.  Wars and colossal strifes still existed, and some became so terrible that the very fabric of Creation shook as Creation Spanning Wars erupted.  Once or twice a Realitan Fledgling was the cause, somewhere between Thoughtlord and Deite.  Somehow Creation endured, and the never ending struggle between Antagonaths whispers and the Physical Realitans did not undo it.  But not everyone, not even every Realitan knew of the war, or Antagonaths existence.  For so few lived who remembered it.  

Chapter One

He was fire, fire and flame incarnate, and Lord of the very thing itself.  It had been endless eternities since the first Firelords reign, and this Lord of Fire was chosen.  His armor was made from Pyric Iron, nearly unbreakable, and could mend itself within seconds.  It burned with eternal flame, and he himself was eternally aflame.  His cloak was wrought from molten rock, held together by some powerful magic, and his helm was adorned with a two pronged crown, whilst the flames hid his face.  Fashioned after great flame, he was covered from head to toe in that armor, and wielded a greatsword of terrible destructive power, alongside his forgers Warhammer, which could create and destroy at his whim.  His name was Villhelmas, and he stood there upon his volcano stronghold, looking down over the world of Vilheim.  Vilheim was an ancient world of unknown origin, and the home of this Realitan.  It was a titan sized planet that could dwarf even the mightiest red giant star as if it were a speck.  The entire world was unified under the banner of the Lord of Fire, and lay claim to a vast interdimensional empire named after the world.  The people of Vilheim were given many freedoms, but were a highly moralistic society, and their social norms were based on a higher moral standard than the majority of Creation.  Vilheim was in constant strife with a people called Umbra, who had suffered so many defeats at the hands of Vilheim, that they lay hidden deep within the shadows outside the realm of the current Lord of Darkness, a Realitan calling himself The Dark King.  His name was unknown to all save Villhelmas and his wife, but he had been the longest standing ally to The Lord of Fire, and together they had all but crushed Umbra, and its ruler, the Tyrant of Shadows, a renegade who wanted nothing but war on Villhelmas, but he was prophesied not to return until after a great scourge should rise up from the depths of Creation, and be cast down.  Villhelmas predicted his enemies return to be sooner than true, but what would rise from the depths was nigh upon him.

“You know, the volcanoes are nice and all, but I’m starting to miss the spots of other terrain that could exist here,” a feminine voice came.
“You do have a garden here, but I suppose we could go somewhere more exciting,” Villhelmas said.
“It has been a while since we had a good night out,” she said, walking into the fire light.

There was no telling what Villhelmas’s queen was, as she was a mistress of disguise.  Some say she cloaked herself in alternate forms because of an old legend.  She was hiding from death, and would alter her appearance so she could not be found.  Others claim she had Realitans in pursuit of her, so she abandoned her old life when she fell in love with The Firelord, and he whisked her away.  But why she appeared the way she did was a mystery to all save the few that knew her well.  Only Villhelmas knew her best, and no other being could claim that.  Her form was a blend of several different creatures, as she was mainly associated with wildlife and nature.  Her head was that of a rodent with the ears of a bat, proportioned to a size that fit her head.  She had teeth that looked halfway between a herbivores and a carnivores, and fit with the rodent-like appearance of her head, though her eyes were that of a cat.  Her eyes resembled a violet flame, and they held enough kindness to soften a magma dragon’s heart.  The rest of her form was coated in thin white-pink fur that went well with her locks of flame red hair.  Aside from the fur, the rest of her body was fairly humanoid with the exception of her squirrel-like back paws, her whip like tail that was tipped with a phoenix like feather, and the white claws that tipped her fingers, mimicking her squirrel like back paws.  Her raiment was the autumn wood; and fashioned with elegant design in the likeness of fire touching the scarlet leaf.  The design sported a corset and a cape, while behind the cape her upper back was exposed.  While not a Realitan, Villhelmas had a plan to gain her endless time by his side, risky though it was.  The two had been together for five eternities, and no mortal couple could claim that.  

Villhelmas looked at his wife, “I’ve…I’ve been so busy that I suppose I forgot to take you out on a real adventure,” he said.
“An adventure?  Life with you is always an adventure,” she said.
“My mind has been overtaxed with the ordeals of the cosmos.  Ruling an empire through willpower alone is no small feat, and it’s why I have so many manifestations of my power to keep the Empyre together.  I’m just glad I have a fair queen to reign with me,” The Firelord mused.
“Well, the power is nice, but I’m only here because I love you.  I never asked for glory like this when I was young, but you gave it to me because it came with the package.  I suppose it’s good I’m here, I make sure you don’t destroy everyone who upsets you,” she mused back.
“Mauhira, I do not destroy everyone who upsets me, I am a fair Lord of Flame, and I mostly destroy people who would hurt you,” Villhelmas said.
“You started an eternal feud over me.  Vill, I don’t think you know how tempting it is to have all your power at my fingertips,” Mauhira said.
“I’ve been tempted by my own power.  I rule all the Planes of Fire, and there is seldom a lesser lord of fire who does not fear me.  This can be a great blessing or a great cursing,” Villhelmas said.
Mauhira giggled, “But either way, I’ve done my best not to fall to corruption, but sometimes I have to struggle with other Realitans.  Alas, I fear I have made many enemies among my kin, and I may make more yet,” Villhelmas said.
“But you’ve made so many friends, and your regarded as one of the most genuine and friendly Realitans there are,” Mauhira encouraged.
“It’s my nature; I am both creative and destructive.  My kin are not always trustworthy, thus despite my friendly nature I have arguments with them commonly.  Even some of my allies,” Villhelmas said.
“You speak of the Void?  Perhaps, but their King has been less of a stir recently,” Mauhira responded.
“Politics…” Villhelmas grunted.
“You still have me,” Mauhira said, hugging her fiery husband.

Alone, The King of Darkness walked on the borders of an unknown realm.  His armor was thick and black and design after the serpents of death.  His dark robes his bits of his armor, while other pieces such as his breastplate and shoulder guards were sported over his thick shadow woven raiment.  His terrible helm was placed over his hood, and bore his tarnished crown, a crown so black it hid all light.  The Dark King walked until he reached the gates, guarded by the twin statues of frightful make.  
“Help me,” a voice said.
“Why?” The Dark King inquired.
“Because I am trapped, and there is no way I can escape these doors without the aid of a mighty ally,” the soft voice said.
“What is it worth to you?” asked the King of Shadows.
“What do you want, worlds, power?  I was once a great Lord of Darkness myself.  I can offer you ancient power, ancient secrets about the beginning, and the first Realitans,” the distinctly male voice offered.
“You are desperate to get out, I can see that.  But how do I know you aren’t lying to me?” The Dark King said, suspicious.
“Bring a friend,” the trapped one said.
“I will return then.  No doubt you can’t choose not to wait here for my return,” The Dark King mused, and vanished in a puff of shadow.

The Dark King shadowmelted into the presence of his friend, Vilhelmas greeted him.
“Dark King, what brings you to Vilheim?” The Firelord asked.
“There is a man trapped behind a gate with no walls, a portal of some kind.  He says he was once a dark lord, and that he knows ancient secrets about the Realitans,” The Dark King informed.
“Finally, an adventure,” Villhelmas said.
“I know, I was getting bored,” The Dark King said.
“Mauhira, you wish to come?” Villhelmas asked his wife.
“Well you wouldn’t be leaving without me, would you?” she jested.
The Dark King teleported them to the plane where he had just spoken to the mysterious man trapped behind the doors.  The air seemed thicker, and the statues seemed more frightened than frightening.  The Dark King noticed this, and could almost tell something was wrong.  
“Are you still there?” he asked.
“Yes, I found my brothers, I and my family are trapped in here, but we are in terrible danger.  There are enemies we have been fleeing from trapped here with us, only they are far more powerful,” the man said.
“How many are your brothers?” Firelord Villhelmas inquired.
“Is that your friend?  Well met, my brothers are five, I am their leader.  We were sent here to recover an artifact but the beings here tricked us and trapped us here with them.  If you go in too deep you could be trapped here as well, but if you open the gate…that should be it,” the mysterious man said.
“You said you were a dark lord?  Were you like our friend, or were you worse?” Mauhira asked.
“My powers are shadow, void, and many other things.  My first brother is a man of might, and can transform between the powers of mortal affliction and victory.  My second brother is a master of fire and a strong warrior.  My third brother is a king of the sands and…loves food.  My fourth brother is someone I think your friend would like, but he has chosen to dwell between worlds.  Then there is me, and my sixth brother…the rouge and wild card of our gang.  I served my father in a war against a mighty tyrant, but we lost the war and he fell…” the man explained.
“You and I share something, I waged war on tyrants before, and perhaps I could be of assistance.  How do we release you?” The Firelord asked.
“All it takes…is for you to have might…might of magic,” the man said.
“Can we get a name?” The Dark King asked, as his friend approached the gates.
“I will introduce us properly when we are out in the open,” the imprisoned leader said.

Villhelmas put forth his hand on the door, and his power released them.  The doors opened and behind the gates stood six men within the depths of an abyssal underworld.  One was clad in white diseased robes, bearing a crown of gold, whose face was pale and sickly, and his hair long, black, and flowing.  Another was an enormous giant, with armor red as blood, no flesh could be seen, and the mask sported teeth of iron.  His cloak was made from flesh and blood, and his left gauntlet sported a build in machine that was made to fire bolts.  Everything was intimidating about him, and absolutely nothing was docile in appearance.  Yet another was clad in desert wrappings, with small scraps of armor around him, including his helm.  The next was robed like The Dark King, only his black armor was adorned with skulls and bone like designs, and the helm beneath his hood hid a pitch black skull.  Standing beside him was a man wearing armor of the Void, only old and elegantly fashioned, with indiscernible runes inscribed upon it.  His black cloak waved in the dark, and his pointed hood gave his pale face a frightful appearance, while his gleaming red eyes pierced the souls of those who were not of Realitan blood.  Next to him was a shocking figure, a somewhat shorter man with warped and twisted armor, writhing with strangely formed tentacles and eyeballs.  His armor was deep purple, and surged with chaotic power.  Occasionally his form beneath his face beneath his helm would shift, and nothing about him was constant, save his armor, which may itself have been capable of shifting.
“We are grateful,” the tall fifth one said, identifying himself to be the man who spoke.
Mauhira gasped when she saw their appearance, they looked like some sort of dark brotherhood.
“I am Viboran, these are my brothers.  The white one is Leumorbis, the red one is Bar’geddon, the sandy one is Famessum, the black one is Moriadeth, and the purple one is Pandemion,” the tall dark hooded one said.
“What of the people who were trapped with you?” The Dark King inquired.
“I will close the door; it should be easier from the outside.  You three should go, in case their forces overwhelm you,” Viboran said, walking out with his brothers.
“Please, we have fought with many enemies, and we could help you defeat them,” The Dark King offered.
“You have done enough my friend, I will not force you to fight my battles for me,” Viboran said.
“Friend, I don’t trust them,” Mauhira commented.
As if by chance, the very second she finished speaking a vast horde of enormous beings emerged, led by a giant of giants, a Realitan wearing armor forged from the stars, and held within his gaze the might of space.  He was accompanied by a woman bearing golden armor, fashioned with numerals and small points of light.  She was fair to look upon, but seemed endlessly dangerous.  Their brood was of so many assortments and elements that it was hard to discern just what they were.  Their leader walked forward as Villhelmas drew his sword.
“At long last we are free,” the giant said.
“You tricked us,” The Dark King said, angered.
“I’m sorry; I don’t suppose you would have freed me if I told you I was the Prince of the Trigons.  Unless of course you’ve never heard of us,” Viboran replied.
“I am Khragus, and this is my wife Raelah, and my immense family,” their king said.
“You are all very large, save for a few,” Villhelmas commented.
“We are as my son said…the Trigons,” Khragus said.
“Your son said you fell.  I assume that meant you fell to evil,” The Dark King implied.
“Our means to power are questionable, but we nearly ruled Creation, thus our means paid off,” Khragus said.
“Tell me why we shouldn’t send you back into the abyss,” the Dark King jeered.
“Because we will do whatever it takes to stay free, even if that means killing you,” Viboran said.
“Ohhh,” Villhelmas muttered, challenged and agitated.
“I see we have a warrior in our midst,” Viboran remarked.
“We are all warriors here, Viboran.  I am a master at the sword, while Villhelmas is greatest in his power over fire,” The Dark King said.
“And what of the maiden, who is she and can she, fight?” Viboran asked.
“That is my wife, Viboran, I would not recommend harming her,” The Lord of Flame warned.
“You have a very fine woman, but what world is she from?” Viboran inquired.
“The world I found her on,” Villhelmas replied.
“Then she is not Realitan,” Viboran said as he approached The Lord of Flame.
Villhelmas brandished his sword at Viboran, warning him to come no closer.  
“Please…” Viboran jeered as he summoned a barbed lance.
“I am Villhelmas, Lord of all Flame, and ruler of Vilheim,” The Firelord introduced.
“An elemental lord…I am impressed.  We will meet again, but we would like to enjoy our freedom first,” Viboran said, and he vanished, and then the rest of the Trigons.
“That snake…” The Dark King said.
“Look who’s talking,” Villhelmas joked.
“My snakes are not as treacherous, but he fits the categories of The Anti,” the shadowed one said.
“We need to warn our allies, these new Trigons are dangerous, and I can’t believe we let them out,”  Mauhira stated.
“What happened here…stays here, everything except the Trigons themselves and us.  The last thing I need is people finding out we released them,” Villhelmas said.
“Well then let’s tell everyone they’re out, while failing to mention we let them out,” The Dark King said back.
Of all of them, Mauhira was the most worried, while the two Realitans were annoyed, and ready for anything.  But was all of Creation ready?  It was said thaqt the Trigons were once the most terrible servants of Antagonath in the Second Eternity, and their reign lasted until the Seventh.  This time they were in for a surprise, but was it a good one?

The Trigons arrived at a barren wasteland where a terrible thrice-peaked mountain stood.  Each mountain was fortified differently, and represented the three families of the Trigons, House Malaveron, House Phobis, and House Dys.  The Six Champions were brothers in arms, while the first four were literal brothers, hailing from House Dys.  Pandemion hailed from House Dys as well, but was also regarded as a Malaveron, while Viboran was pure Malaveron, and second only to his parents, Khragus and Raelah.  The six of them were regarded as Horsemen, Leumorbis was Conquest and Pestilence, Bar’Geddon was War, Famessum was Famine, Moriadeth was Death, though not Prime Lord, Viboran was Antisource, following down the road of Antagonath, and Pandemion was Pure Chaos, and the Elemental Lord of Pure Chaos.  Pandemion was more than he seemed, and was the right hand of Viboran in the ranks of the Horsemen.  No, Pandemion was not third over all the Trigons, for there was Phorsosus, Lord of Phobis, and keeper of a secret, and Ruena, Queen of Dys, while her son, who was Pandemion, was regarded as her equal.  Other notable Trigons included Khragus’s brother, Vortagon, an aspiring Master of Evil, and tapper to the Plane of Evil.  Ruunatar, Lord of False Light, Vaukaroth, Lord of Fire, but not greater than Villhelmas, and Sodon, Master of the Waters.  Another such giant was Turulus, Lord of Earth and Sky, and was strong enough to lift worlds.  The Trigons were many, and once commanded legions, but now they were alone.  Among the mightiest of Realitans, it was prophesied only the return of the Primordials could hinder them.  It was rare but there were times when an unborn Astral Realitan would be incarnated after their reign.  Two were prophesied to war until the destroying one was stopped in his tracks, and surrendered to the defender and his allies.  The Primordial who gave birth to the Trigons was a being called The Mastermind, and was the first Lord of Chaos.  He was regarded as a good spirit, for it was Viboran who corrupted the Trigons.  The Mastermind vanished from all sight after warning his children from Antagonath.  There are, however, no records of how the first Trigons were born, but some say they were made.  The first three appeared in Creation at the start of the Second Eternity, and each had a family, though it is unclear if the three were truly brothers.  

The Trigons approached their former mountain, determined to reclaim it.  The Six Horsemen went first, led by Viboran.  On the mountain, the Ancients left two Realitans, and their twin armies, to guard the peaks.  One was a well armored Realitan of Thunder; the other was master of the dark waters.  The first’s army was made of energy elementals, golems and men of thunder.  The second had a host of the undead guarding the mountain.  Overlooking the lands below was the Thunder Realitan, Zephyrus.  He beheld the approaching trigons, and could scarcely believe his eyes.  
“Brother, what is it?” the dark water one asked.
“It’s…not possible,” Zephyrus said.
His brother took one look at the enemy and he knew who they were, “the Trigons…” he said.  “The Trigons have returned!” he cried to the armies below.
Zephyrus called down lightning on the Trigons, hitting Viboran and Pandemion, missing several others.  The Trigons charged, and the twin armies rushed them.  Not a single man, living or dead could stand before the giants, each Trigon, save Viboran and the Horsemen towered over most the armies, and unleashed their full power on the hordes of defenders.  The lord of the dark waters leapt down into the fray to make his final stand.
“Phusulad!” Zephyrus called.
“Horsemen, go, I will deal with this upstart,” Khragus said, and walked out to meet him.
“We will summon our steeds once we have taken the mountain…as for that one…he is mine,” Viboran said, pointing to Zephyrus standing tall on the mountain.
Viboran cut through the enemy army with ease, while the four first of the Horsemen stayed behind to slaughter the army.  Pandemion accompanied Viboran, warping the land around him and enjoying the madness he walked through.  Zephyrus stood ready; he retired in to the chambers of the mountain to wait for the Trigons.  He commanded the thunder to strike at the enemies, but they were barley hindered.  Phusulad approached Khragus, spear drawn, while Khragus wielded the Scythe of the Cosmos.  Phusulad brandished his spear at Khragus, who nodded and rushed him.  The fight broke out, Phusulad against the mighty Lord of the Trigons, without any hope of victory.  Khragus swung his scythe, tearing at the air; Phusulad barley dodged.  He sent a storm of death at the Trigon, who blocked and grimaced.  
“This is my mountain, you will yield it to me or perish,” Khragus declared.
“I will not yield it to the tyrants you are,” Phusulad said boldly.
The fight continued, and Khragus was almost guaranteed the winner.  Viboran approached the former halls of his kin.  Pandemion wreaked havoc on all who stood in their way and scattered them in confusion.  There were legions that went insane at his approach, and he filled every adversary with madness, so that they turned on each other.  

Viboran killed the last pair of guards before the gates of the Trigons halls.  He caused the doors to open before him, and within stood Zephyrus.  
“Forgive me, adversary, but I will not let you pass,” Zephyrus said, walking out to greet the Prince of the Trigons.  
Zephyrus stood above Viboran on the steps before the gates, wielding his longsword that held in it the most powerful of lightning.
“Forgive me, hero, but this is my mountain, not a toy for children to play with,” Viboran said, and leapt up the stairs, spinning in the air.
The fight commenced, Viboran hissed at his foe and slashed ruthlessly.  Zephyrus proved an excellent swordsman, and fought fiercely, while Pandemion drew power from the chaos the Trigons had woven.  Viboran was regarded as the most heartless of the Trigons, and lied without shame.  He was the heart of evil, rivaled only by Vortagon in cruelty.  Viboran summoned up his terrible power, and proved to be stronger than Zephyrus had expected.  Meanwhile, his father, Khragus released galactic storms on Phusulad, who countered with shadow and water.  But Phusulad was no match, and saw he would die.  
“Khragus…you will not win…if I die then I shall see a storm rise.  The Primordials will vanquish your kin, after you are slain when you least expect it.  I don’t care who ruled the Trigons after you, but there will be no victory for your people,” Phusulad said.
“You are wrong,” Khragus said, just before he struck down the dark hero, and devoured his avatar.

Zephyrus saw it, and was struck with pain and fear, “Phusulad!” he cried.
Viboran struck him on the back, and he fell to his knees, “Surely, you did not expect such a victory against me,” Viboran whispered in a hiss.
Hearing Viborans words and seeing the Trigons approach the mountain, anger struck him, and he raised up against Viboran and smote him, so that his hood fell back.  Viboran appeared as a young man, head shaved bald with dark runes inscribed on his forehead.  His eyes finally looked angry, and he hissed once and struck back.  The two fought using both their powers and weapons.  Viboran struck his spear down and sent out a repulse of corrupted void magic.  Zephyrus flew back, and skidded to a halt.  Viboran walked forward and Zephyrus struck him square in the chest with lightning.  Viboran grunted and staggered back.  Zephyrus charged forward and just as he was about to reach the Antisource Horseman, he was impaled upon Viboran’s lance.  He pulled himself off the lance just as Viboran sent out a pulse of evil energies.  Because he pulled himself off, the evil energies did not injure him further.  Zephyrus then fought all the harder, kicking Viborans spear out of his hands, and then kicking him back.  Viboran summoned a spear of shadow, and sent it straight through Zephyrus’s heart.  Viboran chuckled darkly, and smiled.
“You lost…now…this mountain…is ours once more,” the vile Viboran taunted.
The wind drew back around Zephyrus, and he exploded in a storm of thunder, pushing Viboran against the mountain stronghold.  When it was over he laughed.  Though Zephyrus could return, his avatar being destroyed, but his spirit unbroken, Viboran had won.  Viboran stood observing the enemy, and was prepared for anything.  Right behind him, the last act of the spirit of Zephyrus was to send out a storm of light to warn the Peoples of Creation that the Trigons had returned.  Realm upon realm would get the message, and be informed that they needed to prepare against the Trigons, or all was lost.  Villhelmas lay within his stronghold, arming Vilheim.  The Dark King shadowed his kingdom, bracing it for war.  The message would soon reach the Void, and warn its king of the approaching doom.  The Trigons…were here to stay.
The Realitan Eternities: Revenge of the Trigons 1
This is a sample chapter, and prototype of a book, me and one of my friends are writing. ; Its a little more professional than some of my other sagas, seeing as its hopefully going to actually be published.  I had to alter some of the characters, otherwise I'd get no end of beef from our beloved legal system, that I could feed my family for decades.  I'm still going to do some casual fanfiction, as well as work on those other books I mentioned, like Call of Ragnarok, but I'm not going to upload any more of that, I'll just write it and get it published.  This is based on some roleplays me and my friends on AQW did, but its been altered so it can actually form into a professional writing career.  Wave is going to do the next chapter, so I hope he thinks of something good to fill the gap, since I'm writing most the villains, and my characters.  But I personally believe in him, so it should be up soon, but I'll give him time to work on it.  I don't need to explain too much of this in detail, because the chapter explains most of it.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Vayuna slept well that night, it had been a week since her wedding.  She slept sound until her mind started to travel back to her fears, but before the dream could go wrong, it got even worse.  She saw the faces of her abusers begin to cry; they looked directly behind her before they could even touch her.  They were terrified of something; she could feel its warm breath against her neck.  The defilers then transformed into the forms Nyx had left them in and fell into bottomless pits of fire, while Slinch alone sat curled up in a ball, scarred and scared.  Whatever was behind her...was terrifying.
"Don't turn around," he said.
She attempted to turn, "Don't look at me; don't look at me!  I'm behind you Vayuna...but I refuse to touch you..." he said.  "A pathetic excuse for a fox, Vullgur is...why my blood is in him, I cannot fathom.  He is weak, and a prime example why we are shamed.  My blood is warm, my blood is hot; my blood boils and scalds my enemies.  Your father’s soul is mine, Vayuna, and I have held my breath waiting for him to return home.  You are called vermin, why?  Why do they blame all of us for the fools I am forced to dwell bellow with?  We are vermin, Vayuna, and yet your soul free little stoatmaid, maiden no more.  But what of your father, will you hear my voice?"
Vayuna was scared; she remembered all the sisters of her faith speak of the ruler of Hellgates.  He who was born from the blood of all foxes, the melanstic black fox, and only living soul in Hellgates known above.  His name…was Vulpuz.

In the dark of the night she was tossing and turning
And the nightmare she had was as bad as can be --
He drove us out of our wits --
A stoat falling to bits!
Then I opened my eyes
And his nightmare was me!

I was made the most terrible thing in all Hellgates.
When the royals forbade me they made a mistake!
Be sure maid, each of them paid
But one little fool got away!
Little Vayuna, beware,
Lord Badrang forsake!

“In the dark of the night hellgates will find her
In the dark of the night just before dawn!”
Revenge will be sweet
“When my curse you complete!”
In the dark of the night
He'll be gone!

I can feel that my powers are slowly returning!
Brush my tails; add a dash of cologne for that smell!
As the Pieces fall into place
I'll see you crawl into place!
For your father, Vayuna, your grace!

“In the dark of the night anger will strike her!”
Anger's the least you can do!
“In the dark of the night hatred will brew”
Soon he will feel that all nightmares are real
In the dark of the night
He'll be through!

“In the dark of the night
Vulpuz will find her
Find her!
In the dark of the night terror comes true.
Shew her!”

My dear, here's a sign –
You will all be just fine!

“In the dark of the night...
In the dark of the night...”

At last she saw him, he was huge.  A fox bigger than a badger, all black with fiery red trim and three flaming tails.  His eyes were snakelike and burning like hellfire.  He was stronger built than any fox she had before seen.  His armor was black and demonic, and his cloak was made of fur and black ash, trimmed with the wings of a bat.  Claws of beasts tripped his shoulder plates, and there was not an inch of him that was not armored save his head.  Long Wolverine claws trimmed his right gauntlet, while his left gauntlet had a withered rotting crippled old paw with six fingers strapped to it.  Tiny dagger like blades formed the claws on his finger armor.  He stood in the dark forest among ruins, cowering before him was her father, surrounded by the hellish creatures she hated more than life itself.  Vulpuz was still singing his joy in their suffering, and his dark offer to her.  The background voices were others who served under Badrang during his brief reign at Marshank, all given temporary leave from their suffering to serve Vulpuz’s dark whims.

Come you mongrols,
Fear for your master,
Let your anguish shine!
Show her now,
Yes, die ever after

“In the dark of the night...
In the dark of the night...
In the dark of the night...”

He'll be mine!

The cruel fox king laughed, and offered her his paw…he seemed eager to please for one so dark and powerful.  Vayuna trembled in the sight of the fox.
"Please tell me this is a dream," she said to herself, it is often hard to tell if one is dreaming. "Where am I?"
"Yes, it is a dream, your body is asleep at home, but your mind is here, with me, in the Dark Forest. You know my name, and I know yours. Bring your husband and meet me in the Abyssal Planes, or the Forest of Weeping Ashes...let go of your fears of the below, it is dwelling there in damnation that is scary, not popping in to say hi" Vulpuz said.
"Vel-" Badrang choked, and was sent below.
"Everybeast has been decided for, but your fathers fate is uncertain. In the Fires of Hellgates, at the return of the Lord of Foxes, a question will be asked. A question that must be answered for your journey to end, and it must end in fire. The question, the final know what question you've been running from, Vayuna! You must speak with three souls to advise you, the Voice of Crucivendette, Empress Nyx Vathari, the voice of your husband, and the Voice of Mercy and Forgivness, Nyxia Tenebrae. There is no right or wrong this know what I want...his soul. Go below and face all your darkest fears. Do not let them rule you, rule them!" The Black One declared.
Vayuna held up her dove necklace. Instantly Fredrec was there at her side. They descended.
Hellgates for sure seemed scary, but they were about to discover the most shocking secrets about Zego himself, whether or not the recognized them.   But no matter what, Badrang would have to face his future soon.  Vulpuz waited, but he was far away. They descended down, down, down into the depths of Hellgates. Guiltless souls, facing the pits that Vulpuz ruled.  What would await them?  Below the Dark Forest they found the secret passage to Hellgates. They entered a black cavern of molten rivers and lakes.  A narrow path led towards the mouth of the stone face of Lord Vulpuz.  Its maw held the gates, and inside the mouth was the gatekeeper. The narrow path meant only one thing; even the righteous could visit Hellgates.  Those goodbeasts would never choose nor be condemned to stay, but they would see and have the power to affect the eternal torment that awaited the damned.  Guarding the gates, they were surprised to see a Black furred, yet still fiery eared, tailed and bellied squirrel.  He held the sword Thorn, and he still had the scar on his face, but it glowed with more than hellfire. There were few fires that were not in that scar, but Zego had potential to command all of them.

"You may pass into Hellgates, you are guiltless. But if you pass, I cannot control what you will face. Vulpuz is truly on your side at least for now, but do not think he will destroy you.  Any questions mates, my choice was to be the Gatekeeper of Hellgates eternally. There are others, but I am the mightiest here. Fear not, for I am with you below, but fear for the guilty, you will terrify them.  I truly am Zego, but this is only one of my many tasks.  Loving Rose is me favorite," Zego said, and waited for them to reply.
Vayuna gripped Fredrec's paw until her husband's paw turned white.
"Vayuna, don't be scared, it's a dream," Fredrec whispered.
"I'm not scared," Vayuna replied. "Zego the Scar, we wish to deal out complete punishment upon Badrang for his crimes."
"There's no avoiding that now. He was given one comfort, but she will depart too. His only option is to be scattered on the winds of time to even get close to true glory.  You may or may not find out a terrible truth, terrible but great.  If you show mercy in the end, Vulpuz himself will have to yield, but I rather doubt it.  Either way, even in your dreams, you are truly here, but even in the physical world you are not even close to being destroyed here.  You have no idea what you are about to witness, but you, Vayuna, have the biggest responsibility to speak for so many voices including Rose's. But if she shared your burden...I truly fear for every and any soul responsible in the least.  Even Fredric in his wrath has more mercy than I in his position.  I am a beast of extremes; go too far either way, good or bad, there is an extremes response.  Vayuna, please tell us you'll be ok, Slinch came the closest, but he escaped.  He fears the other six, and three sixes will be below Vulpuz, for so many Devils will fear his names, but his number right now is 444. It’s too late to escape, the gate is unlocked, and you are about to enter and face both sides of so many wars.  And yet, I found woodlanders in there as condemned.  If a stoatmaid and a fox can get to the light in The Dark Forest, even the beasts associated with good can fall from grace, and yet, Vulpuz may not have even fallen close to where your father fell. I know of a certainty he is not responsible, for a single molestation.  Once you know the truth, there's no going back. You may see it coming already...but are you prepared?  Though I suppose it’s possible you’ll leave before you find out.  Into the Inferno, you are free to pass.  There is no escaping, only destiny," Zego said.
The truth about what? Vayuna looked at Fredrec, then back to Zego. "What....what do you mean about father not being responsible?"
Zego sighed, "Vulpuz himself is no rapist, but why he hates Badrang so much is a mystery. They say Badrang betrayed him, some say he harmed something that he cared for, something else...the prime monster in his heart tried to marry him, but she betrayed him, and he left her forever and took somebeast else to be his bride.  Face him, face them, fire is all around you, it won’t be able to fully harm have not angered the Prime Flame, go," he said.
"Go where?" Vayuna asked.
"Into the inferno," Zego answered.
"Show us the way;" Fredrec said.
"Go in, I can’t leave. But you will have other guides. Vulpuz will make sure you reach the end alive with your souls, and if you make the wrong decision in his eyes, he will have no choice but to respect it. Do you have it in you to brave Hellgates, I can't leave, but other aspects of me are down there, and they will guide you.  You will have Nyx, you will have fire itself, and you will have someone else who is scared to death," Zego replied.
Vayuna nodded. "I understand. Let's go."
She and Fredrec entered the inferno.

The gates shut, and right before their eyes was a burning wasteland. Burning forests, massive mountains of fire, and burning plains.
“Abbandon all hope ye who enter in, for the fox king will always win,” said a paranoid withered old rat. They saw a great battle in the Abyssal Plains, a rebellion was under way, and they saw the armies of Hellgates under a standard of three tails and the trident of a monster. They could not die, but they could feel pain, and Vulpuz was absent, but his army was led by a wildcat with standard of a thousand green eyes, serving as one of Vulpuz's dark leutenants, he used her, she used him, what did it matter really? As for the rebellion leader, it was fox who betrayed Vulpuz too soon, and lost everything.  Now he was losing the battle, and his fight was blocking the way. The safest route was through a scalding marshland, filled with the souls of the damned, and the deranged rat seemed to know the way around the demonic legions of Vulpuz, and the lost souls who rebelled. The armies of Vulpuz were they who had lost all hope of defeating the Black Fox, and they sang their song to discourage the enemies.

Where there's a whip, there's a way.
Where there's a whip, there's a way.
Where there's a whip...

We don't wanna go to war today
But the Lord of the Lash says: "nay, nay, nay!"
We're gonna fight all day, all day, all day!
For where there's a whip there's a way!

Where there's a whip, there's a way!
Lets fight, lets fight
A crack on the back says we're gonna fight
We're gonna clash all day and night and more
For we are the slaves of the Fox Lord's war.

Where there's a whip, there's a way.
Where there's a whip, there's a way.
Where there's a whip...

We don't wanna go to war today
But the Lord of the Lash says: "nay, nay, nay!"
We're gonna fight all day, all day, all day!
For where there's a whip there's a way!
Lets fight, lets fight!

"Abbandon all hope! Flee, flee for your souls! Your alive!? Run, for Bane and Tsarmina are back at it again! Tsarmina has once again sided with the Fox Lord, and she has been made an example of once to often, and if it happens!  Wait, you are not damned, you don't even seem damned! Why are you here!?  You do not belong here, why would old Scarface let you pass!  Oh bear Badrangs mark! Badrang is being pursued by the most horrific things I've ever seen, even I wasn't that ugly in life... I was taught to speak by Vulpuz himself, and he made me one of his servants.  I am the Gloomer, and you are in the midst of a terrible revolution, led by Vilu Daskar, he is out to put Badrang to shame, but Vulpuz is not even humoring him.  He was never as brutal as Badrang, but he was a murderer.  I hate to think Badrangs daughter took inspiration from me to curse those abusers.  I remember when Vulpuz ripped off Swarts paw, and kept it as a mantle!  Sorry, you were saying?" the pathetic rat said.
"Where is Badrang?" Vayuna asked the rat.
"He's running from six evil things, he fled into the Forest of Weeping Ashes, and Vulpuz has his army camped there. Through the marshes, but avoid the whisps, because there are whispers of evils that cannot sleep. Deep within the boiling fire marsh...are the tears of the Forsaken Vixen. Vulpuz cursed her, and her tears cast a terrible curse, and the curse will tempt you both to leave the others side for another. Don't follow the whisps," Gloomer said.
Vayuna nodded. She held up her dove necklace, which was flickering feebly. She whispered something and it glowed brighter. She and Fredrec found themsleves suddenly standing before a foggy marsh. Little lights bobbed here and there that Vayuna guessed were the whisps.
"Why couldn't you have taken us to the Forest?" Fredrec asked. Unknowingly, his paw tightened around his wife's.
"The presence of darkness and evil is too strong here," Vayuna explained. "If I tried to, it would be too much for the magic in the necklace and it would die, leaving us trapped here like a limbo."
Together, they took their first step into the bog.
"The forest is beyond the bog, and I fear if you become trapped here you would have to brave the gates of the Fox Lord to even have any hope of being released. The evil squirrel adulteress is trapped here, Mara has spoken to her, and she still seeks to challenge Vulpuz, but she is just a toy both sides play with, and she is beyond all hope of escaping her own shadow...or her terrible ally here," Gloomer said, leading them on.
A whisp flickered in front of them, and they heard somebeast weeping.
"Don't try to comfort her, she is wicked!" Gloomer said.
Fredrec looked into the light of the whisp. The weeping filled his ears and his paw began to slip from Vayuna's.
"Fredrec, no," Vayuna said firmly.
"But I must help her; she sounds so......" Fredrec pulled his paw out of Vayuna's and began to follow the whisp. Vayuna reached for him, but he walked off into the mist.
"NO!" Vayuna ran after Fredrec, slipping in the moss and brackish water. Gloomer let out a cry. Fredrec was gone from sight. Vayuna looked at her necklace, which flickered in the gloom. It didn't have enough energy to track Fredrec.

Fredric ran until he found a ghastly sight. An almost naked squirrelmaid, once beautiful, now absent of light and scorned by the elements. She was cornered by a massive tarantula, an angry tarantula. But which was the monster, he could not tell.
"I hate Zego, I hate Zego!" she sobbed. "I just want to win; I just want him to lose everything! I want him to lose his wife to someone, ANYONE!"
"You loved him once, but you are an echo of a greater sinner who committed a worse betrayal. You lost your husband for trying to seduce Zego the Scar, and you were filled with bitter resentment, and sought to ruin him. But in a higher were being groomed to be the Firelords...but he will not tolerate infidelity, so he left, and you never got the chance to be-" the Tarantula was interupted by the wailing of the damned, the squirrelmaid was bitter and hateful, what had Fredric come to save.
A cold bitter laughter filled the air, and the tarantula rose up facing behind Fredric, for he knew the Tarantula saw something else.
"Fredric, why did you marry the daughter of your enemy?  Couldn't you have left her there?  Maybe you want something better, something fresh.
The great spider went straight for whatever was behind him, and he turned to see the sight of a pitch black vixen with red eyes and long flowing hair. She appeared to be a dancer, an exotic dancer with daggers hiding in her wrappings. But he knew very well what she had to be. He felt the chill and the bitterness of Hellgates. He felt more evil than he had ever felt before. He felt...scared.
"Fredrec!" Vayuna's call sounded faint and far off. Fredrec stood there staring at the vixen. A cold voice purred in his head.
"You married the daughter of the beast who murdered your father and destroyed your mother," it purred. Fredrec closed his eyes and put his paws over his ears. He saw a vision of his father being felled by Badrang's sword, his mother being dragged away.
"They are alive; they're well," he told the voice. The voiced laughed coldly.
"Are they? What if your creator lied to you?"
"And are you sure that Vayuna belongs to you? Six vermin had her before you did."
"They forced themselves on her," Fredrec snarled.
"Was she telling the truth? How can you be sure that they had her consent? She just wanted to use you, Fredrec. She didn't care when you died."
"SHUT UP!" Fredrec opened his eyes. The vixen was still there, and the voice once again purred in his head.
"There is someone else for you. Leave Vayuna; she has nothing for you."
"Shut up," Fredrec growled. "I am stronger than this!"
The spider turned and leaped on Fredric. The fox felt the fangs of the great tarantula enter his ears, only instead of hurting him the voices were blocked out and he saw the poison they put in his mind pour out.
"Fredric, will you give me one night to make up for what-" the squirrel started to ask.
"Ssssilenccce worm!" a voice said.
Out of the bog, a gargantuan black adder emerged.  The squirrel wench screamed and the great snake stared into the eyes Fredric.
"Look into my eyesss and you will not find peacce, but you will find a reasson to forssake doubt and fear.  I will never be the pawn of any Devil sssave Vulpuzzz alone! I am not interesssted in marketing fruit of ignorancce, not to mention he hass hisss own, so why take yoursss?" the serpent said.
"Amadeus!" the sinful squirrelmaid sobbed.
"Get off me you eight legged freak!" The black vixen said tossing the spider away.
"Sssssorry Mara, but I'm not going anywhere," Amadeus said.
"Amadeus, how is it we keep bumping into eachother?" Mara greeted her old enemy.
"You and your massster usssed me and Vulpuz to take the blame for what YOU did! You turned entire ssspeciesss to your evil cause! You are to blame, assssssssss isssssss he, and now you will die! Or were you even born?" Amadeus taunted.
"Shut it, Asmo!" she scorned.
"Wrong ssssnake! I am the firssst, Asmodeus is a dessscendent of mine!" Amadeus said.
"You are mine, fox.  And your wi-" Mara began.
The squirrelmaid leaped on Mara and bit her ear, "You wretched creature, I hate you!" the squirrelmaid shouted.
"You served me willingly where Amadeus didn't!" she shouted back.
"Run!" a voice came.
Fredric was pulled back and found himself pinned down by Gloomer.

"Don't follow the screams of the damned; there are so few innocents here.  Only the shadows of the goodbeasts, only the serpent king Amadeus, and the great spider Ranatal are the innocents I may speak of.  But Lenora Snakeeyes...might as well be a weasel for the infidelity she played.  Do not ask her other crimes; she is not here by accident!  Vulpuz himself is here only by choice!  Mara is not..." Gloomer hissed, and dragged him back to Vayuna.
Vayuna pulled Fredrec into her arms when she saw him.
"Don't you ever let go of my paw again," she said angrily.
"I.......I'm sorry....I....." Fredrec shook his head.
"Let's go," Vayuna said.
"Fredric was lucky Ranatal and Amadeus stood by him.  Mara herself showed her traitorous face. This way, mind the damned, and don't worry about the snake coils, he won’t bite...usually," Gloomer said, leading them on
Out of the darkness, Nyx herself formed.
"It’s her...the Dark Empress," Gloomer said, backing down.
"I heard there was trouble, what happened?" Nyx inquired.
"Sister," Vayuna said, pulling Fredrec close to her. "Can you help us find Badrang?"
"Actually, the beast who knows where he exactly is would be Vulpuz.  Few down here know who he is or where he comes from.  Once you are through the bog, that forest has a spire filled with shadow bats, and other nasty things.  All I know is that you might run into Nyxia, my namesake down here.  She is fairer than I am, and much less potent.  I...I will not intervene any more than I am required to.  So much has changed, and now...hrmph, it’s up to you.  We can walk through the black waters, or we can get you there faster," Nyx Vathari said.
"Mistress of the Shadows, you are truly a remarkable stoatmaiden," Gloomer praised.
"I stopped being a maiden a long time ago. I am an Empress now," she said.
"What's the faster way?" Vayuna asked.
"The fastest way would be to shadowgate you through the Marsh, right into the Forest of Ashes. Vulpuz has his army camped there, he loves the thrill of battle, and your safer with him than anyone else done here, save Gloomer, Ranatal, and Amadeus. If I mentioned other names, I would spoil the surprise," she said, and without another word, she sent them straight into the forest, and went to speak with the wicked squirrelmaid.
"Well," Vayuna said. "At least we're in the forest. Let's find Vulpuz."
Gloomer led them over the rocks of the woods.

"The legions of Vulpuz are everywhere. If I can’t find him, no beast can. The most terrible thing happened here...Mara witnessed something she shouldn't have, and she never forgot it.  She looked into the pool and saw the future, and ran outside the forest and wept bitterly.  The sorrowing of the damned and her cries to be avenged...created the Bog of Bitterness. She never forgot, and she never forgave. And when it finally came to pass...she was shattered.  She keeps breaking, always hurting...inside...and others.  She is evil, the most evil thing down here save perhaps the squirrel…unless there’s more like her.  Without the cunning, the squirrel is only evil, not powerful, nor influential.  Ah...the encampment!" Gloomer said.
They saw the most massive horde they had ever seen, and Vulpuz was in the midst of them.  He was unrelenting in his commands, but he seemed as if he had nothing left to say as of yet.  He sat on a rock, and his visage was covered by his terrible helm. A terrible iron helm decorated with the horns of a great eland, and fashioned like the skull of an unknown beast.  His eyes were aflame, and they pierced the veil of fog surrounding them.
"Come down my child...I have ought to do with thee," the Black Ones voice echoed in Vayuna's head.
To Fredric, the voice said, "You have only a choice of evils...and there are plenty to choose and plenty to use. I think we both know what you’re planning to do to Nyx's gifts,"
To Gloomer, "Well done, you brought them straight to me.  I did not waste my efforts on your behalf,"
Vulpuz seemed to have never moved an inch.  He had more power than they assumed, but what else did he have that they did not know of.

Vayuna approached the fox lord cautiously. "Where is Badrang?" She asked him.
"Closer to my home, Baelstrung.  He is in the Pass of the Serpent, Amadeus pays him no visit, he is far too busy with that squirrelmaid...there is no hope for her; she fell too far, too fast.  And besides, she offended me greatly.  She is as Mara herself, an enemy to me for eternity.  But that is not what matters here and now.  The Dark Empress favors Badrangs continued suffering and or penance down here.  Nyxia is planned to be his only comfort in a world of suffering.  She favors his pardon.  You know what I favor; now you are elected to choose his fate.  Be will meet the six again, only this time they will flee directly from you... No matter what...they will not leave.  Fredric, I have a gift for you," at this, the Prince of Foxes reached into his belt and pulled out an extra tormenters whip. "This cat with nine tails has no mercy, and do be careful with it.  It is not meant to kill instantly as Varagoths deathblades...but it causes tremendous pain.  I think we both know what you’re going to use it for,"
"Master, what is to become of these two lovers?" Gloomer inquired.
Vulpuz waived his paw; he had no preference as to their fate at this time.
"Not leaving?" Vayuna echoed. "What are you talking about?"
Vulpuz growled softly, and narrowed his eyes, "Six damned souls doomed to die. The Seventh escaped, and the Tyrant fell.  As for the six...whereas Badrang can leave upon your whim, the others cannot; and I will authorize the utmost cruelty regarding their souls.  If you have a whim regarding their suffering, do be my guest...for you already are.  Welcome to Hellgates, the terrible land eternally aflame, where cold dwells not leave the one landmass you walk on, dip a single claw in the black waters surrounding our little home...and you will never forget," Vulpuz said.
"My Lord speaks of Perdition's few ever see what is down there, and few to none see it and retain their sanity," Gloomer said, scared to beyond death of something more terrible than Vulpuz's dwelling place.
"It will not be long before Lenora and Mara do battle to see who goes down there first.  They will turn on each other, and only one will prevail.  I favor the squirrelmaid…she is the lesser of two evils, and even lesser in power.  I do not expect it, but it would be nice to have an easier run down here.  As for the two of you, go through Batspire Rock, then follow the tunnels deep beneath the blood river, where bones rise up to greet newcomers.  Then you will emerge and walk into Jormund, the pass.  There you will find him, and don't show mercy," the Melanistic Fox instructed.
"We don't know where that is; how will we find it?" Fredrec said.
"You have a well-seasoned inhabitant of Hellgates as your guide; I think you'll be fine.  In the meantime, it will not be long before Vilu himself comes up to challenge me, when he has neither the strength of arms, nor the strength of will.  All down here save only a few died in cowardice, I did not die, I was born from the mind of a hero, and the blood of every fox.  I became the Hellcaller, the one who will always be on the throne, next to my mate.  You must know to gain this much power, I would have to be better than the hordes down here, or the punishment would rule me too.  Do not mistake me for a pure woodlander; I am the impurity, and the more natural.  But I am no Tyrant, nor my mate’s emotional tormenter.  That is reserved for lesser beings, and I simply keep my grip on the more fallen.  Those who hide from my rule are left to themselves, those who oppose it are shamed and beaten back...those who pretend to serve me are watched till they inevitably betray me.  As for those who bow and do not rise up...they are given rewards," at this, he grinned at the Gloomer, who bowed himself before the Lord of Hellgates.

Vayuna looked at Gloomer. "Lead us," she said.
"This way," Gloomer said, and led them on into the darker parts of the forest.
Miscellaneous tribes of bats littered about, all vampiric. They grinned and they heckled and the watched closely.
"Messenger of Vulpuz; coming through!" Gloomer cried out.
"Now, now!" a deadly Vampire Bat Lord shouted and sent out his flyboys to attack them.
Just then the loyalist bats attacked the others.
"Take no heed, this happens all the time!" Gloomer said, and led them to a large dark spire with the grinning face of some frightening creature forged naturally or unnaturally into the rock. Dripping from the gaping jaws was what appeared to be molten lava, glowing unnaturally red, without any traces of orange or yellow, only some black.
"Were close, this leads to the secret tunnels under the river Phlegmorthus.  Beware the flying mice and rats! Flying foxes don't usually come here, not sure why!  We do have some though!" Gloomer called back to them, and they halted right in front of it.
Vayuna's dove necklace began to glow. "We're close to Badrang," she said, grabbing her necklace. Suddenly there was an awful screech and a flying rat flew at Vayuna.  She screamed as Fredrec moved in front of her, ready to defend his wife.  The rat easily dodged him and tore the necklace off of Vayuna.
"No!" she cried. "Now we'll have no way to get back!"
"The Lord of Hellfire might be nice enough to send you back...unless you agitate him enough.  Lord Vulpuz does not appreciate certain things people down here do, and he makes it clear when he is unhappy.  The deeper we go we may find a-" Gloomer started, as a massive orange red flying fox flew past them, leading a swarm of other bats.  It was obvious all of Hellgates was a massive warzone, with undying soldiers.
"Find a what?" Vayuna asked when the bats were gone.
"We found one, moving on.  In the end, I think there's more down here than we-" Gloomer accidentally put his paw on something.  He picked it up, and found some sort of necklace.
"She's so beautiful...and so proud of her Lord. He loves her is no doubt that is why there has never been anyone else.  I must return it to her, but she is not mine, and we must all remember that down here.  Anybeast who forgets...always...always...suffers.  There is only one beast she knows, and he does not share that kind of emotion or power with anyone he considered lesser than him.  He must have chosen her for a reason, she does not sully herself with others...just holds on tight, and he holds tighter...but she lets him.  We should leave, give this to him, and he will be bound to let you out," Gloomer gave the necklace to Vayuna.

It was scratched, tarnished, but still good, and still carried great power. The necklace chain seemed perfectly intact, and there was no breaking it without terrible dark magic, or terrible unforgivable evil, though she knew not what.  For some reason, she could feel that there was something down here Vulpuz was scared of, but of all the beasts in the world, she knew he feared Martin the least.  Martin was feared by all vermin tribes, but they feared death, and Martin meant death.  But beyond death, it was here they feared, and subconsciously, it was him. Who is this Black Fox, that feared not death nor Hellgates, so as to dwell in such a place without falling to it. Who could have overtaken such a horde of terrible undying things, and feared not The Warrior.  The answer, an equal, someone of either equal or greater power.  But something scared him, something that had everything to do with Martin.  Whoever owned this necklace...she alone knew every secret the Hellcaller, had.  But a question remained...why did he have a scar, who gave it to him?  And why was Zego's fur blackened, and eyes turned to hells flame.  Something was wrong, something was hidden.  And who...would have married the Ruler of Hellgates.  Who...was his consort?  There was no doubt, Mara would have been, but he cast her down for the sake of betrayal, and a grave insult.  As for this mystery creature, Gloomer seemed charmed by her, and all Hellgates sought her, but could not attain her.  And the very hellfire laughed with Vulpuz. But still...who was he, and what was his secret?  Perhaps he carried a darker one; perhaps that was the only thing he feared.  She knew, and it brought them closer together.  They were about to pass under the river Phlegmorthus.
Vayuna put the necklace around her neck. "Give it to who?"
"It’s not safe to miss what people say down here, weren't you listening?  Fredric, your wife needs you to help her hear, she seems distracted.  It’s not safe to be distracted in Hellgates.  If it isn't clear enough this belongs to the Faithful Hellflower.  Her pride is in her loyalty, and her lust is in her marriage.  Vulpuz is the beast you must return this to," Gloomer said, seeming agitated.
Vayuna thought she was just rubbing off on him, but she then had the premonition that it wasn't her being slow that bothered him.  She was in danger, and she kept getting into worse danger.  She wasn't in a place where she could let distractions affect her without risking her life dramatically. First the bog almost claimed Fredric, now she wasn't reading the words Vulpuz or her guide spoke to her all the time. How could she have known...she was the vulnerable one, and the most targeted.  For a second, for the time she was here...Mara would focus on her.  But she was lucky the squirrelmaid chose to fall right at this time, because another unforgivable sinner, another creature so evil, repentance and mercy were not was not something any beast could ignore.  How many were down here?
"Here we are...under the river, be careful of the dripping ceiling, its hot.  It doesn't matter if I get burned, I'm dead.  You two would be injured, and I am not capable of healing you, or protecting you for long.  Bones litter the riverbed, and then we will reach Jormund, Amadeus lair.  Baelstrung is where Vulpuz makes his home, inside is the upside down castle Badrang made his home when he ruled here. Vulpuz came, and turned his entire world upside down, especially his castle, and then he fixed it into a far more elegantly wicked fortress.  He does not care if we should run and hide from him, Badrang would have abused us all.  The last time I heard somebeast compare our ruler to your father, he threw a stone, and took great offense.  Vulpuz hates your father, I do not know why.  But I suspect it has something to do with that ratmaid, he calls his queen.  I must always remember she is his, all of us must, or we will burn, and he will make us the base of his throne," Gloomer mused.
"All I want to do is deal out father's punishments and get back home." Vayuna said sternly. "I don't want to linger in this hole,"
Fredrec was twisting the whip he had been given by Vulpuz.  He knew exactly what he was going to use it for.

"I'd like to leave myself," a voice said, and immediately a marlfox in raggedy crimson robes stepped out of the darkness.
"Don't-" Gloomer began.
"Don't forget I stood against Badrang once or twice myself," the marlfox said.
Fredrec moved protectively in front of his wife, "Who are you, and what do you want?" he snarled.
"A little more respect and a little less snarl would be...a better option. My name isn't important, Gloomer," he glared at the Gloomer.
"Be careful, he's a sorcerer," Gloomer warned.
"I assure you, I'm not as brutish as your father, I have alternate means of handling trouble.  To be honest, I'd be amused to see what you did to him when you find him.  From what I know, he's hiding in Jormund, Amadeus usually avoids him.  If you need any help getting their faster, liberating me from this pit would be all it takes," the sorcerer fox said.
"Forgive me.....I am protective of my wife," Fredrec regained his calm.  "What does it take to get you out?"
"Take me with you," It just so happens Vayuna has the means to release me, by placing a single drop of living blood on the door that way.  Once free, I will lead you to your father," the sorcerer said.
"My lady, please be careful, this is none other than-" Gloomer began.
"My name is Morthos, and I am a renowned warlock, and former ally of of Vulpuz.  I know who and what he was before he descended to Hellgates to reign over the rabble you'll find down here," the warlock marlfox said.

"Living blood?" Vayuna echoed. "I'm sorry; I'm not sure if I can trust you."
"Can I trust you? The answer is no, but we are stuck down here until our jobs are done.  Help me get out, and I'll get you to Badrang.  Did I mention I have a personal grudge with him too?  Now Gloomer, please let me speak to your companions without any rude interruptions.  I would sincerely like to get out of this pit!" Morthos said.
"What do we have to do to get you out?" Vayuna asked. "What do you mean by I have the means to help you out?"
"Like I said, I'm a sorcerer; I can get you there faster.  And yes, I'm afraid you have to help me get out of this tunnel, or I'm certain there would be more difficulty on your quest.  In other words, I can make it easier," Morthos said.
"Or worse," Gloomer said.
"Oh, what’s this?" Morthos summoned something in his paw, "Would you like this necklace back? I found it near the entrance to my dungeon, and summoned it for you,"
"Agreed," Fredrec said.  Vayuna held out her paw.
"Yes, I'd very much like it back," she said. "Please."
"Then it’s yours, all I require is you let your shadow blood run a teensy bit on the stone slab over there, and I shall give you this, and aid you in the final humiliation of that treacherous Badrang," Morthos said.
"So I just.....cut myself?" Vayuna screwed her face up.
"On that rock, yes," Morthos said, pointing.
"I fear we do not have a choice.  Morthos would not let us pass if we do not free him.  I just hope Lord Vulpuz is not angered," Gloomer said.
Vayuna pulled out her dagger and knelt by the rock.
"Vayuna, I'm not going to let you do this," Fredrec grabbed his wife's wrist.
"I'll be fine, Fredrec; let me go," Vayuna pulled free of Fredrec and slid the dagger over her paw, leaving a bright red line of blood behind.
She let a few drops fall onto the rock, waiting to see what would happen.
The stone disintegrated, and Morthos smiled.  He walked over to the tunnel and found that he was indeed free.  He smiled and turned to Vayuna.
"My thanks to you, shadow child, I'll help you find Badrang, in fact, I have means to get you as close as I can right now, but I only have two paws, so we would have to leave someone behind.  Or, if you'd rather, we can walk, your choice," the Sorcerer said.
"Mistress, be careful, The Dark Sorcerer is dangerous, and he fought during the Crucivendette Wars on the side of-" Gloomer began.
"I can speak for myself you insolent water rat!  True, I used to play chess with your enemies, but now, since the war is over, I am done with Umbra.  And as for your sister, I think she's a much better ruler, don't you?  So much more reliable, powerful, and more civilized than that fool of a tyrant was.  I know he says he turned over a new leaf, but I doubt that matters to any of us, especially the management," Morthos explained.
"We can walk," Vayuna said. "I'm not leaving anybeast behind."
"Well then, Gloomer, you’re just going to have to shut your trap for the journey, because I would just as much like to see Badrang suffer, as all of you.  Carry on," Morthos said, and led the party above ground.

They emerged to find a massive canyon made up of obsidian and basalt.  The ominous rocks felt as if they themselves were watching them, but that only meant that something else was keeping an eye on them.
"Badrang should be somewhere in that canyon, so stay close, and avoid crevices.  This marks Vulpuz's most well-guarded territory, so I'd urge you to take caution.  Funny how things turned out," Morthos mused.
"I just hope he is not angered by us freeing you," Gloomer said.
"I hope not too, but I suppose he's forgotten who gave him the power he used to rise up as Lord of Hellgates, and overthrow Badrang.  That's right, I made him what he is from-" the Sorcerer began.
"Enough," a deep and familiar voice said.
" lord," Morthos grinned.
"Lord? You little traitor…  And what are you doing with these heroes?" the voice replied.
Vulpuz emerged, and he looked very unamused.
"My lord, forgive us, I-" Gloomer began.
"Silence!  I suppose Morthos would not have allowed you passage, and Vayuna had not learned to control her shadow powers, but still!  Morthos the Dark Sorcerer, did my wife ever forgive you?  No," Vulpuz said, walking up to the party.
"Ah, yes, have you told them your se- ack!" Morthos said, then being grabbed by the throat said no more.
"Oh don't worry, I'll tell them my origin story as soon as the time is right.  In the meantime, you are free, and I'm going to make sure you are put to good use, if you are useful at all," Vulpuz said.
"Wait," Vayuna cried. "He was going to help us find Badrang!"
"Don't trust him, he manipulated several wars, and in fact was one of the enemies during Crucivendette, just ask your sister," Vulpuz replied.
"I kept him in line, didn't I?  But don't worry, I want to see what they do with him," Morthos told the Fox Lord.
Vulpuz sighed, "Follow his stench, and I will be right behind.  You four go ahead, and if the Sorcerer tries anything, I'll transfer him to a much more intolerable prison, if the last location wasn't enough," he said.
"Well then, do you kiddies have anything to say to the Meleneistic One?" Morthos asked.
"Alright," Vayuna said.  She turned to Morthos. "Lead on,"
Morthos led them through the serpents pass, while Vulpuz stayed behind.  Gloomer seemed not to trust the Sorcerer for good reason, but he kept silent.  They passed through several black rock formations until they reached a cave.
"He's in here. I can't tell you what dreadful evils you'll find in here, but he is one of them," the Sorcerer said.
"Mistress, be careful, for I would expect the tormented six to be in there hunting your father," Gloomer said.
"Hmmm, I expect Vulpuz's spare whip to be of good use to you, Fredric.  If you need my witchcraft, feel free to ask," Morthos commented.
"We should be alright," Vayuna stared into the gloom of the cave.  She and Fredrec joined paws.  Then, they stepped into the cave.
Morthos led them through the tunnels of the cave, and then he stopped and pressed his ear against the cave wall.
"Here we go, the darkest cavern I should say," Morthos said, and lit a fire in his paw.
"My strength is slowly returning to time in Hellgates is numbered.  Sorcerer, can you tell us what you sense?" Gloomer asked.
"He is running; the souls Styx claimed are pursuing him.  Hrmph; can't say I disapprove of Vulpuz's methods.  But it looks like they're headed our way..." the Sorcerer replied.
Vayna nodded to Fredrec, who readied his whip.  She drew her dagger.

Morthos walked in first, "Oh look, there's a ledge, and there they are," he said, and lit the cavern with dark magic. "Great Scott, you're friends are hideous.  What did your daughter do to them?"
"Morthos!?" came the familiar voice of Badrang the Tyrant.
"It’s been a long time, and I have some visitors for you," the sorcerer said.
"Get these things off me!" Badrang shouted.
"Really, no asking how I've been here, where you left me with Vulpuz!?" Morthos shouted. "It’s funny how once again I am on top, and you are down there, hrmm, hrmm,"
Morthos motioned for the others to come; it was now their time to face Badrang.
Vayuna stared in horror at the six vermin who were attacking her father.  Badrang caught his daughter staring and looked up at her.  He reached a paw in her direction.
" me....."
Vayuna felt her whole body fill with anger, "Did you help me when those vermin were ravaging me?!" she screamed at her father.  "I begged you to make them stop and you laughed!! You LAUGHED!!!"
She hopped off the ledge and straightened to face Badrang.  The six vermin saw Vayuna and tried to run away, screaming.  Fredrec stood in their pathway, brandishing his whip.
"Now it's just you and me," she said to Badrang.  Badrang backed against the wall of the cave.
"No, Vayuna, please.....I'm sorry," he cried.
"It's too late for that; look where you are now!" Vayuna stood closer to Badrang, holding her dagger up. "I always wanted to kill you after that," she snarled.
Badrang fell on his paws and knees at Vayuna's footpaws, sobbing.
"Please, Vayuna. I am your father!  I pulled you out of your mother's womb....please....spare me!"
The sound of Fredrec having his revenge on the six vermin reached Vayuna's ears.  She ignored it and focused on her father.
"No father would allow such evils to happen to his daughter," she said.  She plunged her dagger into Badrang's back over and over.  He screamed, but he was helpless against her wrath.  Vayuna was finally having her revenge on the beast who had ruined her life.
Badrang fell to the cave floor, bleeding. It was clear he was alive when the fox Lord kidnapped him, but he would soon join the dead of Hellgates.
"How fitting," the voice of the fox devil came.  "You thought you had escaped me, but I'm afraid not.  I see now that Nyxia is too ashamed to face your daughter, did you even tell her the bulk of your crimes?"
"Vulpuz...tell her...the truth..." Badrang breathed out.
"What, my life story?  I'm not so sure she wants to know who I was, but I can promise her, I was nothing like you before I descended to rule," Vulpuz said.
"Only one beast hates me enough to orchestrate all this...I should have killed you at Marshank," he said.
"Ah, the old you returning.  And what good would it have done you.  You think I still wouldn't have gotten what I wanted?  You honestly think I would surrender to mortal death?" the Black One mused.
" his face," Badrang said as he died.
Morthos summoned Badrangs spirit, and Vulpuz started chuckling darkly.
"I suppose it’s my fault your like this Vulpuz...I made the darkness in you, and Morthos brought it out," Badrang said in regret.
"Oh, don't think I wouldn't have come out sooner or later.  But it’s true; your actions cost you dearly, and now look at what I hid from you.  All the lies making you think I was on your side, but no!" Vulpuz ranted.

"What's going on," Vayuna cried.
She looked down and realized she was stained with her father's blood. She staggered back.  She felt strong paws grip her and straighten her.
"It's alright, Vayuna," Fredrec breathed in Vayuna's ear.  She realized he too was covered in blood. "It's over,"
"I want to leave this place now," Vayuna said.
"Oh by the stars, you’re not shying away from it are you.  Deliver final judgment on his soul, and then you may leave.  I've worked too long and too hard for this!" Vulpuz shouted.
"But I don't know what to do!!" Vayuna shouted back at Vulpuz. "I didn't even want to come here in the first place!"
Vulpuz glared, "I want his fate decided, and that decision rests with you.  All has been dealt with him except for a few final judgments.  If you don't make this judgment you are making my job all the harder," Vulpuz growled.
"Tell them the truth, why don't you tell them who you were before Morthos woke you!" Badrangs ghost shouted.
"Is there any apology he can give us?  I may be accounted for, but what do you want to see!?  Make your decision now, and I promise, I will give suffering to each of the souls you want punished.  This is what they made from me, this is what was hidden," Vulpuz ranted.
Vayuna glared back at Vulpuz, "Destroy their souls!  Make them burn!" she cried. "It's not my place to judge."
"And what of your father?  Shall I give him the same fate?" Vulpuz inquired.
Badrang paled, he knew Vulpuz as a vengeful soul, but hats worse; he seemed to know something the others didn't.
"I want his soul consumed by eternal flame.  I want him to relive all his horrible deeds and regret them, but never be able to repent for them." Vayuna said.  Badrang let out a scream and reached for the edge of his daughter's dress.
"Vayuna, how could you?" he wailed.
Vayuna kicked her father's paw away and moved away from him. "How could you ruin my life the way you did?  You are no longer my father," she turned her back on Badrang.

Vulpuz smiled cruelly, "Your sister will be pleased.  His soul will be mine until the final day.  At that point I can no longer command his fate," the dark fox said.
"It’s funny how you heroes fall..." Badrang chuckled darkly. "First...I see the great hero of the Northlands become Lord of Hellgates, and forget it ever happened.  Then I see my daughter turn into her sister,"
"Nyx Vathari has done better by herself than by your side.  I think it’s just what she chose," the fox lord mused.
"You have everything, Vulpuz!  What more do you want from me?!" Badrang yelled.
"How should I know?  I won," Vulpuz mused.
"Gloomer, today is your last day in Hellgates, and once again Morthos, you have another chance to not cause me grief!" Lord Vulpuz declared.
"And what of Badrang’s wife?" Nyx's voice came.
"Oh, yes, that will be a problem; she was to be his only comfort.  I can't make decisions for her, but I honestly don't know what will happen next.  Badrangs past is certainly more frightening than she suspected, and it was til death do you part..." Vulpuz said, in confusion.
"I don't care, Lord Vulpuz, and I personally can't believe your other self was this fair," Morthos said.
"Don't cross me, Morthos," Vulpuz said.
"So it’s're..." Nyx began.
"What's all this?" Vayuna questioned. "What's going on?"

"You can stay or you can leave at any time.  As for what’s going on, I'm going to see what happens next," Vulpuz said.
"I've been here for an eternity, Badrang only just got here.  As for Nyx, she looks like she's seen a ghost," Morthos said.
"Of all the dirty tricks, you wiped my memory," the Empress said.
"Leave me," Badrang said, without hope.
"Gladly, but I hope you know now that sometimes there aren't any second chances," Nyx said.
"Morthos, leave us," Vulpuz commanded.
The Sorcerer teleporte, leaving Vulpuz, Gloomer, Nyx, Vayuna, Fredric, and the hated Badrang.
"Fredric, these souls were supposed to suffer a fate worse than death alive, not die," Nyx complained.
"Oh believe you me, they'll receive no mercy," Vulpuz said.
Nyx looked at Vulpuz, "I'll leave, but what has been kept from me will not," she said.
"It wasn't intentional, Miss Vathari.  I've been down here a long time, and had to make due with useless vermin who turn on me without thinking of the consequences that follow," Vulpuz replied.
"Well," Vayuna said, ignoring the moans of her father. "I think it's time we left.  I'm done here."
Fredrec handed the whip back to Vulpuz.
Vulpuz took at smiled, "You have done well, I must enquirer of the seers down here on a matter of urgency.  As for you, you may stay or leave at your whim," he said.
"My lord, am I truly ready to move on?" Gloomer asked.
"Yes you are, and I hope you're pleased with yourself, as this was well done," Lord Vulpuz said.
"I will see my father’s punishment through.  You two don't have to watch, in fact, you should probably go," Nyx said.
Finally Vayuna's necklace lit up.  She took Fredrec's paw and grabbed the necklace in her free paw.  She and Fredrec closed their eyes.  When they opened their eyes, they were back in bed.  They returned to their sleep after a long journey, and on the morrow Vayuna would find she still had the necklace that belonged to Vulpuz’s wife.  This means they would have to return, or summon Vulpuz out of Hellgates.  True, they could always call a friend to go for them, and one probably would.  Seasons later, they would inevitably find out a secret that passed them by, the dark terrible secret that was spoken of so many times.  And who truly brought evil to their world, was it Mara alone, or a handful of forgotten vermin?  It was over, but was it the end?  The answer should be obvious by now, for there is always another tale after every end.
Into the Inferno
A followup to the Shadow Sisters saga, intended to give Badrang a final judgement, and lead to more adventures.  I just don't think Myra and I are done writing these crossover stories, and there is no way it is going to stop anytime soon.  there were some loose ends at the finish of this one, so there's room for more to be said, plus everything that happens in a story can affect the characters in a way that leads to something else happening, even when it seems over.  I will spotlight anyone who can guess the plot twist I hid in plain sight, and I hope I don't get more vegetables thrown at me, that Friday parody got me pelted enough.  I personally think this was a good one, and I hope you like it too.  I added a few Tolkien themes, even though this is Redwall based, I'm sure some of you would approve.  Is that all that was mixed in there?  No, it is not, now please enjoy the story.
Merry Christmas everyone, its been a good season.  I have yet to see the Doctor Who Christmas Special, but I hope its good.  anyways, to all my followers, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and hope New Years is also great.  I'm hoping to get more on the Call of Ragnarok done soon, but I might not be uploading it because of plot twists, and my plans to publish it, so I hope you enjoy the preview you've had.  Merry Christmas all, and to all a good night.
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~Thanks to Luciuscaudill for providing the base pic that just so happened to look like my face...I made it look more like how I draw myself as Willheimus.

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