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The Familly Volcano Ea by Willheimus
The Familly Volcano Ea
Played around on photoshop and not only did I get Eas hair to look like lava, I got my look to look even more like the original photoshop I did of myself.  So I updated the other one again and made myself look even more boss.…

Ea has three modes, volcano, sun, and volcano sun.  This is what she looks like focusing on her volcanic aspect, unless she decides to change her fur a bit.  Or is that Rea, I never can tell/decide.  (Yeah, I might just have that be Rea instead.
Vaakhriss, Sword of Infernos by Willheimus
Vaakhriss, Sword of Infernos
This is the Vaemor Sword, Vaakhriss. Vaemor, not to be confused with Vaemord, which is a clan of evil fire faemurians. Notible good members of this clan include, Princess Vaelette, her mother, and Minuette.

Vaakhriss is a sword of firesteel, forged in the Volcano forge of the Gods of Daev by Rillan Thrust for Will Parry, myself. The sword was used to ensnare the other Vaemors and strengthen them. These swords were originally made to protect fire heroes lava babes, as the heroes were either dating or married to lava oriented women, I think one was actually engaged. Vaakhriss like other Vaemors resembles Valermos, but whether Valermos is a Vaemor or an outsider cannot be determined as I do not own the rights to the sword, and therefor can't feature it in my professional writings. Vaak means Inferno or Infernal, and Khriss means sword. Vae means volcano.
The Familly by Willheimus
The Familly
This is a portrait of myself, Will Parry, my fictional wife, Ea, and my ghost cat, Kingsford. I designed a new look for myself and gave Ea more modern clothing, although she still wears the medieval dress. It didn't scan right so I just took a picture with my phones camera.  There either on some kind of a planet with white skies, breathable atmosphere, and red rock volcanoes, or the more likely, inside the Mental Chaos, which is my head.  My light aspect on the inside of my head looks like mars with white skies.  And yes my jacket is made of lava, and no those aren't black flames, that's cloth made to look like flames.  As for the white part of the picture, I think its some kind of pool of light or knowledge inside my head. 
Athanasia by Willheimus
Athanasia is an alternate aspect of Ea created by the marauder, Chadrick.  In other words she's Ea's toyger alter ego.  Athanasia spent countless years trying to impress the Marauder, Will Parry, as she had already been married to his alter ego, keeping Ea's memories.  Athanasias name means immortal, although its speculated whether she actually is.  Athanasia became married Will upon his marrying Ea, but not before having formed a legion of Greco Roman cat furries that conquered for Will in the name of Athanasia.  These cats are known as the Tindercat Horde, and still maraud to this day, under Will. 

Her backstory is Ea being caught in time and due to a story she never told Will, Athanasia had apperently been created by Chad and sprung up out of Ea's head similarly to the birth of Athena.  She found her powers most closely resembled Phlegethon, and used them to defeat enemies, and eventually overthrow dog slavers who kept a group of toyger slaves.  These slaves were eventually trained in battle and became themselves the horde of a warlord.  Later other cat breeds joined Athanasia, and she spent her life conquering to impress Will.  She fought in the Crucivendette Wars alongside Willheimus, and Ea and later caused Will to forget his dealings with her, though the two of them were in love, due to the fact that she was Ea, and a winning personality as well as freaking hot.  Athanasia later conquered land for the kingdom of Vesta, and handed the kingdom over to Alyssa to give to Will, Alyssa got to Will a little late.  Athanasia became frustrated with being unable to contact Will or gain his attention, but endured faithfully to the end.  She however needed a kingdom of her own so she conquered one of Satans cities, Brutus, located directly under Washington DC, but was forced to face her worst nightmares in the conquest.  After the ordeal, she renamed the city to Cathens, and formed her empire on the Phlegethon that ran right next to it.  The empire later merged with Vesta and was moved to another dimension after Will was chosen as Vestas Warlord alongside Ea his Flame Queen.  She earlier finally found Will and eventually got Phenex, Wills arch rival to finally tell Will that Athanasia was Ea.  The two consummated their marriage and Athanasia left for a time.  They eventually reunited and she joined up with Will, Ea being more than happy to share Will with an alter ego as she had with Siresse.  Athanasia helped in the conquering that led to Vesta being formed on the planet of Illiost, impressing Will and her other self further.

Athanasias main powers are lava and fire, but her other attributes are wisdom in battle, death, and chaos magic.  She is heavily based on Greek and Roman mythology, although she is more Roman than Greek.  Her followers however are either Greek or Roman based on their personality.  She loves working out, and conquering or marauding.
I know its a day late, but Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it.  I don't know that much about Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but I said Happy Holidays in the title just in case you celebrate those.  I know I haven't been as active as I'd like, but I did get some new art up in my gallery a few days back.  I'll be on and off.  If all goes well I'll put up a new years post sometime soon.  Happy Holidays!
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Will Pirras
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A fanfiction and fantasy artist who draws about his many daydreams rolplays, and vast intertwining stories. Is also writing a Redwall Fanfiction novel about a squirrel named Zego the Scar, who saves some of the fans favorite Martin the Warrior Characters. Note: Alot of the drawings have something to do with this if not directly related to the book or series.

~Thanks to Luciuscaudill for providing the base pic that just so happened to look like my face...I made it look more like how I draw myself as Willheimus.

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